About Us

Global Directors' Forum is an international organisation that facilitates business exchanges through catalytic forums with the focus on Western & Northern Europe and also Central Eastern Europe.

Our extensive experience, substantial expertise in organising and conducting large scale projects on governmental level, long standing relationships with international governmental institutions and leading industry players provide a unique platform for key decision makers, prominent political figures, senior executives, legal professionals and business leaders to conduct important business debates and face - to - face meetings in both an official and informal environment.

Our approach is unique and bespoke. Every event is "made to measure" and delivers the high level of expectation.

We believe that the ordinary business meeting, official ceremony or international summit requires pioneering vision, extensive business knowledge and distinguished contacts which results in extraordinary discussions, networking opportunities and winning business strategies.

Our expertise, wide industry knowledge, contacts and reputation for excellence is our greatest and valuable asset, which resulting from working closely with Governments and Leading Business figures across industry sectors including: banking & financial services, investments, energy and real estate.


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