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2nd Private Equity Convention
Russia, CIS & Eurasia

6 - 7 December 2011, London

5* Sofitel St.James Hotel 

Welcome to the web-page of the 2nd Private Equity Convention Russia (CIS) & Eurasia -  the ‘invitation-only' networking event, which is exclusively designed for leading International Investors and Limited Partners (LPs) to meet the highest-quality General Partners (GPs) operating in Russia, CIS and Eurasia.

The aim of this Convention - "meeting of minds" is to bring together leading names in private equity from across the largest and the most interesting continents on the planet and discuss the issues and opportunities in the private equity industry, acquire new business contacts in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Three out of four BRIC countries (Russia, India and China) are located here, plus a score of other extremely interesting emerging markets and "old economies". The potential for growth in the private equity on this continent is immense.

Some discussion groups "skewed" towards Russia and the CIS private equity industry. Nevertheless, Russia is the country that lies both in Europe and Asia and a huge market in itself. We strongly believe that the most interesting opportunities lie on the borderlines of interests, discussions and in the forging of personal relationships.

The ALCHEMY of our meetings - is the catalyst for our clients' success. A true dialogue of minds.TM


2nd Russia (CIS) & Eurasia Private Equity 6-7 December 2011 London


As usual, the Convention will be based on the free but structured exchange of ideas between all the participants in a relaxing and comfortable environment. The event will run as a series of discussion groups, organised around the most interesting topics named by our participants.
With the help of our co-moderators: Alchemists of SuccessTM, everyone will be able to address the issues that interest specifically him or her, and meet and have a meaningful conversation with everyone else.
Everyone participates in the conversation equally and to their own willingness. A participant may choose and join any of the discussion he/she may find most useful. We encourage every participant to share his or her opinion and interact with the other guests as freely and actively as possible.
The number of places are limited and by invitation ( referral) only.

Below is the list of links that will give you more information on the Convention, discussion groups, co-moderators and participants.

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GDF events are primarily reserved for GDF Partners and Members.
Participation is limited. Your request will be reviewed by the organisers within 24 hours.
Global Directors' Forum reserves the right to decline your request.

GDF meetings do not aim to gather the greatest number of participants, only the most senior: Alchemists of SuccessTM

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