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3rd Private Equity Convention
CEE & Northern Europe

19  March 2013 |  London

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the GDF's 3rd Annual CEE & Northern Europe Private Equity Convention - the ultimate networking platform for investors!
This year, the Convention will be held in March (closer to the end of the first quarter of 2013) when the results of 2012 are fully "sunk - in" and the trends for 2013 already take a more or less definite shape.
The challenges of the new economic reality require rethinking of past experiences and, in many cases - introduction fresh and unconventional approaches, which will suit every participant, cater to any market conditions. Therefore we continue our commitment to the discussion based format of the Convention and will do our utmost to make your discussions as useful, effective and comfortable as possible.


19 March 2013 in London


Our Conventions are the exclusive networking platforms developed specifically for the private equity industry: leading GP, LPs and other investors, where they can meet each other in a comfortable and relaxed environment, discuss challenges and issues they encounter in their day-to-day operations, find new and fresh ideas on resolving them and, ultimately, make deals.


This convention will be assembled and delivered as the discussion based networking platform, where senior private equity professionals will be able to exchange their views and opinions in a friendly but structured conversation. There will be no presentations or speeches in the discussion rooms, just extended exchange of opinions, ideas and networking.
The convention will run as a series of discussion groups, organised around the most interesting topics named by our participants. 
Everyone participates in the conversation equally and to their own willingness. A participant may choose and join any of the discussion he/she may find most useful.
Networking is the name of the game.

Places are strictly limited (majority places are allocated for investors and moderators' colleagues) and by application only.

The ALCHEMY of our forums - is the CATALYST for your success and a new way of thinking.

Discussion Groups


Registration Fee




GDF events are primarily reserved for GDF Partners and Members.
Participation is limited. Your request will be reviewed by the organisers within 24 hours.
Global Directors' Forum reserves the right to decline your request.

GDF meetings do not aim to gather the greatest number of participants, only the most senior: Alchemists of SuccessTM

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