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1st Private Equity Convention
Russia, CIS & CEE

10-11 June 2010 London

What is the GDF Private Equity Convention?

The Private Equity convention offers a new information service to the private equity industry in Russia, which would maximize "the take home" effect for every participant via enabling a free flow of information, ideas, and contacts among everyone involved. Within this event we step aside from the traditional seminar-style format, where the exchange of ideas is largely limited to coffee and meal breaks towards a fuller discussion based networking platform.

The Format:

The convention will run as a series of discussion groups (three series of the first day and two on the second) organized as friendly conversations among piers. The co-moderators will only make sure that ever one is involved and all the topics that interest them are covered. Everyone participates in the conversation equally and to their own willingness. A participant may choose and join any of the discussion he/she may find most useful.

There will be no presentations or speeches in the discussion rooms, just extended exchange of opinions, ideas, and networking.


The Private Equity professionals are involved in an amazingly wide specter of sectors in Russia and produced an array of imaginative and exciting transactions. Nevertheless, we believe that the information flow within the industry and especially its image and standing could be seriously enhanced.

The private equity industry in Russia is very likely to be one of the first beneficiaries of the possible economic recovery. Despite being affected negatively in the last year (in the wake of the war with Georgia, a few investor-related scandals involving the Mechel and the Anglo-Russian joint venture TNK-BP and the global credit crises) the sector still produced rather impressive results and globally stands out rather favorably with regards of returns on investments.

There are some very encouraging sights (as we have seen in the recent fund raising activity) of the global investors starting to realize the potential offered.

We hope and strive for the GDF convention to help the industry and its participants to get the latest information directly from source, find the new deals, and make new contacts.


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